Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is a jewelry blog, you say?

Well then,
have a look at some jewelry.

This necklace is a keeper.

I've been wearing it since the stone was set. At first it was just for a test run. Then I brought it to the Bahamas. Only at the end of the trip did I admit I was keeping it. My little ocean collage. (I have another wee OJ cabochon that I intend on making into something similar. It's a fat oval and more of a peach/green color scheme.)

I've found that the jewelry I end up keeping is never originally intended that way. I never set out to make myself something. Occasionally, though, I avoid sending one away. I've claimed a handful of items as my own - a ring (pictures earlier in the blog), a pair of earrings, and now this necklace. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the beast of a poppy jasper ring I started months ago will remain in my possession. And perhaps that bruneau jasper pendant that's not quite done...
but that's it.
I swear it.

Other than that --
rest assured I will be more than ready to resume the metalworking upon my return. I've been ready for the past week, really, but have too many things to do before my trip to spend time on jewelry.
My ever-growing collection of cabochons overwhelms me with beauty. Lately, every other stone I get I plan to set simply and plainly because how could embellishment add anything to something so perfect?
It's a phase, but one that's not over yet!
How boring:
When normal life picks back up (le SIGH)
there will be a few changes implemented in the shop.
I plan to gradually add a handful of made to order
items as I can. And...I think I need to do something
special for my 50th etsy sale!


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

This is beautiful! I too, never set out to make something just for me to keep, but occasionally, I do develop a bond with one item and I just can't give it up. We all need to do that once in awhile. Besides, if you wear it, you promote your shop at the same time!

jessi sawyer said...

Thank you! Whenever I set out to make something for myself I end up wanting to sell it - I never seem to feel that bond with pieces originally intended for me!

And promoting is always good, I just need to get better at handing over my business cards....I just feel silly doing it.