Sunday, January 30, 2011


Despite carefully portioning out my life into segments: jewelry, barn, work, sleep, reading, cleaning, eating (not necessarily in that order, mind you) I've found myself filled to the brim with anxiety and doubt and discontent.

It's not pleasant, I assure you.

So, I backed off of jewelry for a few weeks. I didn't want to make anything. I focused on other things, other distractions. I stopped reading. My apartment exploded its contents in what seemed like overnight.

All of this over the start of a new job. My brain and emotions went into overload, even though this is just a job.

But I don't think you understand. Maybe not you, specifically, but anyone who thinks I'm dramatizing my life and the difficulty of change and not knowing what I want or where I want to be. My hands need metal and stone and pencils and glue and burlap and the weight of a camera. All of the time.

Not just in my "free" time. Not just when I can fit it in.
All of the time.

I forced myself back into the studio on Thursday, and then yesterday, and then today. I made myself make things. Sometimes that's what you have to do. Small steps.

I can't promise I'll be back to regularly blogging, but I will be here when I can. In the meantime, these are the things I've finished recently:

(Customly made for Cate)
Fordite & sterling

Firefly Ring:

Nesting ring with Mexican fire opal (deep red opal & bright green flash!):

Umba sapphire (PINK!):

Lastly, a poppy jasper necklace that has been on my bench for nearly a year. This necklace just did.not.want. to work for me. But, I finally finished it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is new.

Things have been slow-moving on the jewelry front, and really I'm quite content with it all.

I have 2 rings I need to polish and set stones in, and truthfully they've been ready for this next step for nearly a week. Lazing about is part of winter though, isn't it?

One of the rings is quite and odd thing indeed. I'm not so sure about it. I think I've watched too many spaceship movies and such lately. (Ok, really I just watched the entire Firefly season within a few days, following it up with Serenity.)

I am currently reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. It's slowed my reading down considerably (I was being sort of crazy for a bit, there) - not because it's boring or hard to read or anything, it's mostly just the timing of things. I'm not quite 2/3 of the way through and I'm still eyeing it suspiciously. The experience is reminding me a bit of watching Mulholland Drive.

Today I'm officially ordering my snowshoes! I'm quite excited about this. I really kind of like the cold once I acclimate to the winter here (it always takes a bit). Now I can go exploring or at least have something to do while I wait for Cholula to dry off after our rides.

And, the last bit of news is that Cholula has a new friend. I have been looking for someone to half-lease her for some time: I just can't get out to ride 5-6 days/week, and it's important that she stays in full work. I found a girl in high school who has been riding for several years but is new to dressage. They get along great and I think she's really having fun with Cho. AND we have tons of canter progress! I'm really hoping we can make it to some shows this year.

Apologies for the lack of photos. Again, lazing about. I do have these...

Zeus does not appreciate the notion of sharing his human (notice the horse to the left, who is apparently getting too close):
Such a face!

Friday, January 7, 2011

hello, 2011.

I am back from a much needed internet break.

Reasons for internet break:
Twitter has fallen to the side, again (I really just can't seem to get on board with that).
I haven't had anything to say over here.
I was extra busy with the holidays and a visit from the boyfriend.
I didn't much feel like interneting.

I completed nearly all of my custom orders (though I have one I'm still trying to figure out) and opted to take a break from everything custom and made to order. Sitting down at my bench was becoming a chore: I would make what I needed to make, order-wise, and then I would go do something else.

Until everything that had to be done was done I didn't even want to think about just making things.

As you can guess, by the time I started making things just to make them, I was a little more than stir crazy. I sat down and in one evening began 7 projects.

For some reason, I finished the blues and greens first:

Prairie Bracelet

handmade chain. handmade everything, save for that wee little 3mm bezel cup holding the turquoise.

Salt Water Necklace cultured freshwater pearl (treated to inky black), blue peruvian opal drop
Simply turquoise ring
with rustic metalwork

Atlantis Ring
The first of my Umba sapphires. A watery blue-green oval. Have I mentioned I love these?

They will be in the shop in the next few days!