Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, the name.

Yesterday I decided that Cholula would indeed be the name to go with. I panicked slightly when I thought of the possibility that someone had already registered this name on etsy. Then I found out that I had reason to be panicked, as someone has in fact registered as cholula already. Sad face.

So, onto plan b, which is deciding on what to add in addition to cholula so I can still have it in the name somewhere.

I was, and still stubbornly am, stuck on having one word. One single word and that word was to be cholula.

cholulajewelry is the likely candidate, which I am slowly (albeit grudgingly) accepting. I also thought of possibilities such as:
cholulaand (this would give me the freedom to include my photography and other little things I make)
ohcholula (some friends of mine used to sing "Cecelia" to their dog, using the dog's name instead. I started doing this with "cholula" because I am really cool. "Oh Cholula, you're breakin' my heart...")

Ultimately, if I really want this to just be called "cholula," I should go with cholulajewelry. I know this, but again, I am stubborn. And somehow feel that if I'm stubborn about it long enough it will change and I can have that name.

Tomorrow is the cut off date, and cholulajewelry will likely be registered.

I'm off to get ready for a fancy dinner at a fancy French restaurant; let's hope that my lovely waxes will return to me tomorrow!

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