Thursday, October 16, 2008


I actually have a little to update on, though not much.

First of all, yes I know the header to the blog is atrocious. Shortly after I started it I decided I needed a jewelry picture up there. Unfortunately for me, blogspot seems to think the text should go over it and only be grey. I soon found out that it is NOT user-friendly if you want to change any of their layouts. It can be done, but with my knowledge (read: 0) of website design it would take me longer than I have patience for.

I just want you to know that I don't intend on leaving it like that forever, but at the moment it's not really a top priority.

What is? The name!

I agonize over what to order in a restaurant because I fear disappointment. Will item A really make me happier than item B? Will this restaurant make item A correctly, the way I expect it to taste? Will I regret my decision and long for item A if I order B?

It takes me no less than 15 minutes to make a what-to-eat-for-lunch decision, and that is minimum.
HOW, pray tell, am I supposed to make such a huge decision as this? I mean, this has to be something I'm happy with forever, I can't decide in 5 years I was just kidding and now my business is called something totally different!

The most logical route would be to go with my name in some form. I don't really want to take that route, however. "Jessi Sawyer Jewelry" is boring. "Jessica Rose Jewelry" is also boring. Boring makes me sad.

Sad as it may be, boring could end up the only option, as I am giving myself until the end of next week. If I can't think of anything more suitable by Thursday I am making an etsy account regardless.

Lastly, my casts should be shipping out on Monday! I have no idea if I will see them Wednesday or later. I will also be ordering my polisher and other materials that it needs to work, buying a crock pot so I have a pickle, and possibly some stones this weekend. A torch will be in my next installment.

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