Monday, February 2, 2009

and so it begins.

When I made jewelry in college, I made it for myself. Sure, a few items were created for my mom. I made a bracelet for my roommate, a pendant for another friend. My last year I even made some stuff I was commissioned for.
But most of it was for me.

Thus far I've been perfectly happy to see my pieces find new homes. I've had no emotional attachment to any of them...they were created to sell.

And then there are these 2. I have to sell them. I do. They are 2 of the best pieces I've made (well, the pendant needs to be re-soldered, but it's destined for greatness).

Really, I just realized how much I want to keep them. I went to list the ring on etsy. It's the last of my new items. I had the description perfected. I had the photos selected. And then I just I thought of my ring finding a home on someone else's hand and became quite sad.

I one will want to buy it anyway, right?


Anonymous said...

t-jobbin' holla! i so totally did not know you were selling jewelry! amazing! i will have to save up a year's worth of chinese money so that i may support you. really though!

jessi sawyer said...

Holla! Come back from China, we miss you!

And "selling" is a relative term. I'm definitely attempting to, anyway...

Anonymous said...

i think many people would have bought that ring! its amazing.

jessi sawyer said...

Shhh...I want to keep it!

(and thank you! :)