Friday, January 8, 2010

Cheers to 2010!

2009 was actually a pretty big year for me. It's easy to forget how much happened with how busy I am all of the time...I don't really have time to decompress and soak up experiences. But -- just look at this list!

1. Opened Cholula Jewelry on etsy, made 69 sales on the site alone and likely double that outside of etsy.
2. Made tremendous progress on Cholula, including cantering by ourselves! It sounds silly, I know, but keep in mind I haven't really cantered a horse in over 5 years and hers isn't exactly drama-free, yet.
3. Took a road trip to Nebraska with Rex. We also took a mini road trip to the town I used to live in and spent some time surrounded by thousands of windmills.
4. Financial stability!
5. I bought a (new to me) car!
6. I gave a talk at a huge science conference. I was an art major in college.
7. I went to the Bahamas.
8. I went to Venice and Florence and a few little cities in between.
9. Gold rings!

2010 is a lot about uncertainty and a lot about forging ahead.

I want to continue to play and explore with jewelry, while also working towards it perhaps becoming my main job. I intend to look into galleries and other venues to sell on top of etsy.

I want to pull Zeus out of "retirement" to see what we can do. He needs heaps of retraining but it seems silly to let him sit when he loves work, even if he walks with his back end like he has a neurological disorder.

Make it to a rated show with Cholula, and be at solid training level by spring.

Work on ME more. My riding - seat, strength, jumping? Go to warm yoga at least once per week. Use jewelry breaks to exercise. Set aside a bit of time every week to do something not job related - watch a movie, clean, needle felt, knit, etc. Clean more! Throw stuff away! Well, clean more as soon as I get a HEPA mask. My lungs protest heavily when I do so much as vacuum.

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