Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Patience is a Virtue.

And truly you are patient if you've been popping in to see if I've done anything new yet...because I know when I read other jewelry blogs, after a few days of no new work...a few DAYS, I get kind of cranky.

"I'm happy to read about your life AS LONG AS there is jewelry porn to be had."

That's my attitude. I can't really help it. I can only hope you are more gracious to me.

3 pieces were completed last night, 2 will have the finishing touches put on tonight. We have a twist on the over-abundant Vday heart (a twist times 3, that is) and 2 very lovely rings that I am so, so very happy about.

I'm happy right now making the things that I would buy. I rarely buy jewelry (mostly because I am poor, mind you), so when I do buy it I struggle with the decision for hours if not days. Were we meant to be? Will I wear it frequently? I don't buy jewelry that can't fit into my wardrobe at least once per week.

So even if I think something is lovely or fantastic or to die for fab, I usually just acknowledge it's awesomesauce and carry on AS MUCH as I would love to buy all of it. I do love all of the jewelry I've made, and it's really fun to play around and try things I wouldn't have before.

But for right now, I like simple. It feels comfortable.

And now I present you - another giveaway from Rosy Revolver! All of her work is stunning, truly. And I can assure you that pendant could quite easily find a way to embellish my outfits at least THRICE per week. Seriously.

Here is the giveaway link. I also encourage you to pop over to her etsy shop to see what other beautiful things she's made!

In closure, I promise you there will be pictures of the 3 finished new pieces either tonight or tomorrow as well as a shop update!

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