Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My booth.

I more or less failed at getting photos of the booth. I took a couple right after finishing set up, and then my mind was elsewhere. While visually/aesthetically this was my favorite setup for both tables, I ended up switching things around on the 2nd day. I didn't think people were really walking to the back table to look at my little green shelf of rings, so that was moved up front.

My booth partner makes some pretty awesome leather jewelry, and you can find her here:

Art Leather

Her tables mirrored mine in positioning. She was really fun to spend the weekend with, and for being completely randomly paired together I think our different styles and materials really complimented one another! As another little interesting tidbit, we graduated from the same undergrad, 4 years apart. She ended up bringing all of the tables and chairs and I brought the tent, which worked out very nicely for us both owning little honda civics!

Anyway, onto the photos!

My half of the booth:

The front table:
The back table: (I really love the composition of all of this)
One of my favorite elements:
Shelf o' rings:

Even though this wasn't perhaps my most successful endeavor in sales, it was a lot of fun. The atmosphere, the local music going all day long (which I can honestly say that 95% I actively enjoyed), the awesome food (a tamale stand and a juice bar/Jamaican/African (Ghana) stand. All local and a ton of it was organic to boot!), and the people. Everyone else showing was friendly and enjoyable to talk to. It was really laid back and casual and just a nice way to connect with other artists as well as all of the people who came to browse and listen to music and whatnot.

And, perhaps just as importantly, I learned that I can do an art fair! Now that I have a better idea of what this takes time/effort/supply-wise, I feel much better prepared to do another in the future.

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