Monday, August 9, 2010

things I have been up to.

Let's see:

- thinking about how much I really need to clean my apartment

- thinking about how much I really need to buy a dehumidifier for my apartment (words of advice: don't ever rent a below ground apartment. They are depressing.)

- not riding my horse

- impatiently checking one of my suppliers several times per day to see if they have the chain I need to order in stock yet. It's holding up my entire silver order, and as I'm out of sheet, this is problematic.

- ruminating and obsessing over how to actually turn jewelry into my work. my all the time work and not just whenever I can work.

- helping my mom move into her new house in MINNEAPOLIS (!!!) - so excited to have her closer.

- learning more and more pieces of Minneapolis and adding it to my mental driving log. I'm getting there.

- loving Minneapolis a lot. Saturday marked the first time ever I drove myself through my old neighborhood. It was a little surreal, as my younger self remembered everything being larger, as I suppose younger selves often do. It's just all really beautiful around there with the giant parks and all of the trees and water and I wish you could see it like I see it. Or see it at all.

- building and sketching up a new series full of risk and hope. If I do this right they could be hung on the wall in a shadow box or around your neck. Hmm, hmm.

- Napping a lot? Yeah.

Listening to this song:

If you've noticed that there isn't a whole lot of DOING on this list, you'd be right. I like to tell myself that I'm recharging after something big like the art fair, but really I think I might just be lazy. I do that sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I think you can call it recharging. Creative bursts take a lot of energy, and require times of recharging....just like a phone!