Thursday, February 17, 2011


I just thought I'd show you the size of this beast of a ring. It is ginormous. It is the largest ring I've made to date, and I have to give lots of love to Cate for coming back for more jewelryz AND being super patient with me.

I am working on a new TWO STONE ring right now. It's pretty big. I love pieces with multiple stones, but I feel like I have a little bit of a handicap in picking out stones that go well together. I see others' work and it's as though they effortlessly find stunning combinations.

So, the other night I set out to find 2 stones that wanted to be friends. I pulled out all of my little drawers of stones and pawed through baggie after baggie. Eventually, I settled on an olive green druzy and one of my favorite little ovals of sugilite.

Sugilite. Ohhh sugilite. For a girl that doesn't care for purple, this is one of my favorite stones ever. Why do I always pick the most expensive things to love?

I'm still trying to figure out balance. If I thought I had a difficult task of it last year, this year is impossible. Perhaps as the days grow longer I'll find a bit more motivation. Right now, weekends are my saving grace. I also now have the spring open house to work towards to, and I always work better with a deadline! Etsy takes so much time and energy that I'm finding it difficult to keep up. It's such a wonderful community and I don't plan on leaving it anytime soon, but I'm thinking about branching out to galleries and local places.

Thank you, lovely people, for sticking with me. I'll find my way back eventually.

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