Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why yes, I do make jewelry.

I've settled into my new job a little more and have been working away in the studio for a few weeks. It helps to have a little fire under my feet - the spring open house is only 2.5 weeks away!

Here are some things I finished up on Sunday. They won't make it to etsy unless they don't sell at the open house, but I'm willing to take reservations on pieces.

Sadly, my camera seems to be dying. I'm trying to figure out what to do to replace it until I can save up for the camera I really want: a Canon 50D. I was able to mess with it enough to get these pictures, but I don't know if it'll cooperate next time!

Botanical Necklace, with turquoise and moonstone:
I am so excited for this necklace. It turned out exactly as I imagined it onto paper. I often sift through all of my sketches (I have dozens of pieces of loose paper everywhere with jewelry sketches...I know I should get a sketchbook, but I always forget to carry one around) to see what strikes me at the moment. I'd love to make everything as I dream it up, but so many ideas take a back seat to newer ideas that take a stronger hold on my brain.

Anyway, this was one of many that I chose that day!

Copper Drops, part 2 (I made a similar, shiny pair of earrings a few years back):
I've had these copper pieces cut out for over a year. I didn't want to remake the earrings I last made with that template, but wasn't sure what else to do. These are a prime example of what happens when silver is over $40 an ounce and I'm limited on supplies...make do with what you have!

Crumpets Necklace, with a lumpy agate:
Quite pleased I opted for a necklace instead of the ring this was going to become.
I have been eating crumpets for breakfast. They are wonderful and squishy and I feel very sophisticated saying I take my tea with crumpets and jam.

Rain Water earrings, with Peruvian Opal:
The wire wrapping on the right earring is a little special. I know it's probably not very professional of me to point out flaws, but there you have it. They are meant to be rustic and a little messy and what can I say, I'm a sucker for imperfections.

Earrings, with Serpentine (I don't have a clever name for these!):
I really love these ones...I took them for a test drive today and they have a fabulous swing to them. They are probably my favorite from this batch!

Lastly, Tumbleweed earrings:
I made these for myself but I'm not entirely sure I'll keep them. We'll see.

Cholula and I have our first show on Saturday! It will be quite the test...can we really canter at the exact time we're supposed to?


Anonymous said...

Delicious! As usual your stuff is wonderful! i have been waiting patiently for you to write. Good luck with the show this Sat. Poset pictures if someones takes some.
As always, aunty M

littlecherryhill said...

Love the Botanical necklace :)