Friday, November 6, 2009

busy busy

I seem to be joining the ranks of the blog ignorers lately.

I promise it's been for a good cause. The past weekend was my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND (oh yes, it requires at least 4 days of merriment) and Rex flew up to spend it with me.

-went to a pumpkin patch in the freezing cold, wind, and rain only to find a whole lot of rotted pumpkins.
-carved pumpkins later purchased at the grocery store all hours of the night.
-saw where the wild things are.
-slept in! a lot!
-picked out not one but 2 mini birthday cakes because I am quite indecisive when it comes to everything.

Among other things.

I am officially now a quarter of a century old.

And the day after my birthday I came down with an awful cold that has left me useless to the world. I was feeling slightly better earlier today, but it seems to have gotten worse again. The congestion just might

kill me.

I have a trunk show tomorrow, though, so here's to hoping I get better and FAST!

On the jewelry front I've been making some halter tags for ponies, horseshoe necklaces and a smattering of various other pieces that I think these ladies will enjoy.

I have 5 customers patiently waiting for their custom orders to be finished.

I have no pictures of anything because I've been getting home after dark. Insert sad face here.

I do, however, have a picture that I just finished editing yesterday of my friend Angie and her fiance, Nate::::

Aren't they precious? We had fun taking their photos. Or I had fun. I guess I can't speak for them.

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