Sunday, November 15, 2009

cholula goes gold.

A couple (ok, several...) months ago, I was commissioned by 3 ladies to make 3 lovely (18k gold) rings.

As much as I've been trying to slowly bow out of lost wax casting, I know I can't. There are just things you can do with wax that you can't with fabrication and I'm hooked.

So is everyone else.

These are the first 2, finished and polished and ready to go. I am mighty proud of them and hope that there is a market to make more.

The second I have a mold of and it can be made in silver as well. I have 2 to finish for the shop, actually...

The halter tags are a big hit at the barn...they will be in the shop as a made to order item!


Fashionably Adorned said...

I love the tags!! great idea! I love the rings, but the second skinnier one is really nice!!

jessi sawyer said...

Thank you! That second ring is one of my favorite designs, which is why I had a mold made. The tags are fun...I'm thinking of all sorts of extras to add to them!