Thursday, November 19, 2009


For someone whose first love is photography, I seem to have one hell of a time with the concept of photography + blog. Very, very rarely is my camera the first thing I grab. Never do I think "Oh! Photo for the blog!"

And for that, I apologize. I try. But I hate lugging around my SLR and the rechargeable battery is only good for a few hours. I need a new one but I'm cheap. Why spend $30 on a battery when I can buy cabochons?

Instead of bothering, I will just distract you with ponies.

I'm also a bit (just a touch) horrified at my lack of shop updates. Do you know what I have to list? Of course you don't, because I suck at taking pictures.

Off the top of my head --

1. All sterling horseshoe necklace
2. Sterling/copper horseshoe 'lucky' necklace
3. Personalized copper/sterling horseshoe halter tags
4. 2 pairs of bead dangly wire wrappage earrings (do you think they'll sell better if I call them this?)
5. 1 pair of lulas with onyx
6. pomegranate earrings
7. 2 lumplings rings
8. sugar cub earrings
9. lil lulas with jade
And I have 3 rings to finish up tonight with other things (always other things) on my soldering board.

I like not being frantic anymore. The pressure of a show lends to productivity, but I do enjoy having my freedom. I like that I can go back to what I do. I draw and then I start. And I figure it out along the way. Before I opened this shop I never made anything twice. Once I completed the challenge of figuring out how to make what's on paper work in metal I basically forgot about it...time for something new. Which may or may not also explain why I haven't been feeling any pressure to photograph and list.

I'm distracted by shiny things.

And ponies.

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