Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jessi doesn't make jewelry.

Today I am ready to melt everything into a big puddle of metal and set it on fire.

Let's see, in the past week or so:

1. tiny ball of silver kept coming unsoldered when I soldered other things on a pendant. So I resoldered it. Three times. And then after I filed down the bezel base plate to the bezel, I realized the bezel had come unsoldered in some places during my resoldering madness.

I tried resoldering the bezel. It was messy. Easy solder is henceforth banned from my bench. I realized I had to pull the bezel off completely. And then I realized that having filed the baseplate right up to the metal, it was now too small to solder another bezel onto.


At this point, I'm feeling like I should probably just never make jewelry again. I put it aside and probably won't touch it for several months. Apparently all of my poppy jasper pieces are creating an army to destroy me.

2. But...I persevere. And I start on a custom order that's due in a little over a week. It's pretty straight forward and I am excited for this piece. I figure I've given myself a few days off from soldering, so the soldering karma has to be back, right?

Sure isn't!

The hard solder I bought in town last week because I was out? OH IT'S ACTUALLY EXTRA HARD. Do you know how DIFFICULT it is to make that stuff flow? I had to try 3 different times and I'm STILL not even sure that it worked. Note to self: do not ever buy 80% solder. Ever.

3. And then because I just don't know when to quit, I melted a bezel. And promptly turned off my torches and left.

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littlecherryhill said...

Seems like that 'soldering funk' is going around...I've got it too! I haven't made anything in ages and when I tried, I had the same problem as you did with 1 stupid little silver ball...took me like 5 times to get it done and I wouldn't be surprised if it still falls off at the end! Chin up! You are in good company lol