Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The other side.

As swiftly and abruptly as the week of jewelry hell came, it was gone. I just sat down one day to work on stuff and stuff happened and that was that.

It was incredibly anticlimactic.
There were no fires.

And in this, I decided that for the time being I'm going to work on "easy" pieces. Pieces I can make in multiples. Pieces I can make again. Pieces I can work on at the end of the day - start to finish. I need to change how I'm working, I need a little instant gratification.

I love the feeling of finishing a big piece, it's incredibly rewarding. But when all of them just sort of hang out in my shop, the rewarding feeling dwindles.

I'm perfectly ok admitting that sometimes I just need some sales to give me a little extra boost.

Anyway, we'll see how long I last. The very thought of made to order scares me. To have a deadline, to not have the option of sitting at my bench at the end of a work day, to have to make things the same everytime...I've generally considered all of these things NOT my cup of tea.

But I'm going to do it my way and make things that I love and it'll be fine.

To start, we have these earrings, name yet to be determined:

Last week it was cold and raining. Not May weather. I was standing outside, keeping dry under my umbrella, and noticed how vibrantly green everything was with the overcast backdrop. The oak trees were practically neon. My entire neighborhood was lit up with chartreuse, and I wondered how I had never seen this before. How had I come to be 25 years old and never noticed this color green?

And then I remembered the peridot beads I'd bought a few weeks ago and one thing after another lead to those earrings. And I freaking LOVE them. They may be my favorite earrings to date. Like, more favorite than my serpentine drops that I can't find a picture of right now.

I also finished a custom order:

But I secretly really liked it before I set the stone because it looked like a little framed picture:

(I have a feeling I'll be playing with that idea in the future)

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