Friday, September 24, 2010

a few notes for you. and me.


I have revived the facebook fan page! I'm planning on doing some special offers exclusively through the fan page in the very near future, and move most of my jewelry updates from my personal facebook page to the fan page. Previews of new jewelry will also land there first. Click over to the right to become a fan! Providing it finally works, anyway. Facebook blogger thing and I had a lot of words yesterday.

Status of new work: Due to rains of tropical storm proportions, I've been unable to take photos of anything else. Hopefully this afternoon will cooperate with me!

What I'm working on now: EARRINGS!! The fall open house is VERY quickly approaching, and with a 10-day trip to Texas the week before I have very limited time to get things made! Earrings are always my best seller - what girl can't justify another pair? (I come home with at least 1 new pair every open house. It's a sickness).

I have approximately 14 more pairs to make, but since a lot of them are my "regular" designs it should be smooth sailing. I desperately hope it is, anyway. 14 of anything is a huge number to me.

And then I need to move onto the necklaces. !!

And, as much as I would love to make more rings right now, I'm holding off until after the open house.

BUT. There may be a bracelet in the works. A CUFF, PEOPLE. I've been holding off on making cuffs because I'm worried that it's too much for even my "big" torch. I'm taking a slightly simpler/smaller approach than my most favorite collage cuffs, and hopefully it'll go awesomely and I can be more relaxed about trying a collage cuff.

I actually don't know why I think that this will be easier to heat up because it's a super thick piece of metal.
But it'll be fine. I will make it work.

I want a bigger big torch.

What I am listening to right now: Tool - Aenima. The whole album. I think if you made me choose my favorite, I might choose this one. It'd be really, really hard though.

I'm cleansing my poor ears today. I've been making myself miserable in the studio with the radio. I can't figure out how to change it from the top 4o station and if I have to hear Katy Perry's voice one more time I'm going to curl up into fetal position and cry. Or Mike Posner? "Cooler than me" ?? If there was ever a song that made me violent, this would be the one. "if I could write you a song and make you fall in love..." Honey, if this is an example of your song writing skills, no one is going to fall in love with you. Ever. Just pleast stop writing music.

I feel better already.
Off to be productive!

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