Friday, June 18, 2010

Give away!

I'm 4 sales away from hitting 100. But really, it's just been awhile since I've given anything away ;)

Pod I

A hand cut circle has been pierced with a seed motif and dapped into a sweet little hemisphere. Two little wire-wrapped peridot beads have been added to the chain, the pod resting comfortably between each. A third bead has been added to the clasp.

This necklace measures in right around 16" with the clasp. The chain has been oxidized, the pod oxidized and brushed for a matte finish.

The first in a small series, a different way of working. I've been pushed into a different space in getting ready for this art fair. The rest of the pods will be available on etsy, as soon as they have their own photographs.

A little homage to the season of growth. An everyday necklace with a touch of color.

To enter:

1. Leave me a message at the end of this blog with your name and email!

Simple, like the necklace.

For additional entries:
2. blog about it!
3. post it on facebook with a link to this entry!
4. become a follower of my blog!

And of course, be sure to let me know in the comments if you've done any of these things so I can be sure to count your entries!

The contest will end on Thursday, June 24th at 10pm central time. Good luck!


Crystal said...

Oooh! pick me! pick me!

cryslea at comcast dot net

Cate said...

I'd love to have another of your pieces!

cleopold at hotmail dot com

Leah said...

me! that'd be fun :)

Anonymous said...



hatimoon (@) gmail (dot) come

Anonymous said...

Uh yeah, hopefully you know that me is Kris, and not some random psycho. ;D

Anonymous said...

I love it, as I love all your work. drool when I read your blog and see your old and new stuff. I would love to wear it and boast to all I know in Oslo. I have already boasted about the horeshoe necklace I have. I don't blog og belong to facebook, so my boasting has to be by mouth. You are so talented. Hope you pick me,
your loving aunty, Martha

Anonymous said...

Ps. I guess as your aunt, you can't pick me so I will have to buy one! Let me know when they are for sail.

Maggie said...

still madly in love with theeeese! toally entering.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, even though I am your Aunt, I believe I am qualified since at this point, I do not own any of your lovely pieces. I do plan on going to Red Hot Art though! Get Katy to share a booth! You can stay here too!

joniebolonie at comcast dot net

jessi sawyer said...

Martha, aunts are most definitely qualified to enter!

Anonymous said...

Pretty necklace!
I'm not very lucky but what the hell?
kmexner at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Ok jessi, I am entering. It is so srumptuous(sp.?) that I have to have it or one of it's sisters.Please let me know when it's siblings are on sale, if they aren't sole at the fair. Good luck at the art fair!
Your super fan aunt, Martha

Deb said...

Hey Jess, count me in. Love the new range. I have put you on my facebook so my friends can see aswell.

Kate said...

me! me!


I'll post this in my blog, too!

clare said...

count me in, and I blogged about you, facebooked about you, and follow your blog

Camlo said...

Oh little pods, how do I love thee.
Let me count the ways...

I would love to be the owner of one of these sweeties!

Nay said...

cute necklace. Pick me pick me!
Haha. Have a great giveaway!

betsyisawesome said...

Ooooo I love this necklace! Also, I am now a follower of your blog!


hopestudios said...

ooohhhh, pretty! love your work! ima follering you too...

Cindy said...

Love the necklaces!

Sara Mathewson said...

I'm your mother, pick me:)

I have many of your pieces so i feel very lucky:)

You are awesome!

saramathewson at yahoo dot com

Sara Mathewson said...

I put a link to this awesome giveaway on my facebook wall:)

love YOU!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
Moms can't win LOL! Jessi, your mom also posted this on our Fibro Chat, so she should get credit for that too...hehehe!

Love your work, very talented :)

Janet said...

You do beautiful work. I'm a friend of your mom and she told all her friends.

Lisa Mathewson said...

Nice to see your work. The peridot is perfect for those of us with August birthdays.