Friday, June 18, 2010

summer, stackers, steps

The heat of the summer has been slowly creeping up, and in that all I want to eat is salad.
Fresh, crisp vegetables, a little sweet tang, and the bite of vinegar. That's all I want to consume. And lots of iced tea.

A girl can sustain herself on arugula and ceylon, right?

You should know that I have added these back to the shop, as a made to order item:

They will vary a bit from the photos being handmade, but also because I'm now using 6mm rather than 5mm stones. I adore this pair of of many things on my list of jewelry to make for myself. Maybe someday...

I am officially preparing for my very first *real* art fair. It's scary. I don't really know what I'm doing. I have ideas for displays. I need to spruce up my packaging supplies. Gather trays and shelves. Buy a calculator and some receipts. Figure out how in the hell I'm going to get everything up there (I'm fairly sure a tent and table are not going to fit in my honda civic?)

The pressure of producing piles upon piles of jewelry has been relieved somewhat in that I can share a booth with someone else. This also means that as I find the time to photograph and edit everything, it will all be offered up in my etsy shop before the show.

Lastly? The afternoons have been bringing some hellish storms and preventing me from getting anymore photos of the GIVE AWAY NECKLACE. However, I'm going to edit the ones I've already taken, hope for the best, and post the give away tonight or tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your jewelry and am another auntie fan who would love to own one of your fabulous pieces! Mary