Friday, June 4, 2010


Let me tell you the secret to a happy life: A good ride on a good horse.

Last night was a good ride, and therefore I'm still on a giddy high.

Cholula and I became bit stir crazy this winter. We were stuck in the indoor for too many months...I don't mind riding inside, but when you have no other option you start to get a little twitch. As soon as we were able to this spring, we were outside, down the road, see you later.

Not that this didn't come with its own challenges: Cho's trail experience is very limited. She went out a handful of times last year around the property with other horses - the end! This year I set out with a mission to have a happy, fun, controllable trail horse. So far I think our mission is well on its way.

Of course, we still have a ways to go. Cows? Psychological meltdown. We could barely even SEE the cows they were so far away (and behind a big fence)...hopefully the gods will take mercy on me if we ever come across cows closer to the road. Large piece of dark plastic? fabric? flapping around on a very windy day almost got me ridden into an electric fence. Big drainage tunnel under the road on BOTH sides? Wasn't sure we'd ever make it over that one.

Overall, though, Cho has proven herself to be a pretty good pony. Last night we were riding around the fields with one of the fearless teenagers (I miss those days...) and said teenager was going to canter up the path.

I shrugged, half expecting us to do the zooming trot up the hill in attempts to canter - if you've read my blog you know that cantering is an issue at this point. But, I brought myself into 2 point, threw caution to the wind, and kissed.

And we cantered. More importantly, we cantered the entire way up the hill. And then we rode around the loop, came back and did it again. Repeat.

I have cantered this horse under 10 times ever, and usually I only get 4 strides or so before she breaks to a trot. But, last night we discovered that cantering around the fields is probably the best thing ever. My nerves were no where in sight, overcome by the pure rush of cantering a long stretch, a grassy pasture on one side and trees on the other. This is what I've spent years dreaming of, this feeling, I thought. I wasn't disappointed.

Now maybe I'll be able to stop procrastinating on my artist statement? That would be a feat.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I can just see you cantering and enjoying the motion, closeness to your horse and the wind in your hair. So much fun!

jessi sawyer said...

I can't tell you how long I've spent dreaming of the day I can canter my horse through the's so wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

I can know the feeling, as I have ridden several racing trotters who have been "reducated" as dressage horses. It is literally an uphill battle, but having another horse lead on often helps. Good luck!