Thursday, June 24, 2010


is the last day to enter the give away for precisely one peridot pod necklace. Alliteration.

was a trying ride on the mare I called a few choice words in the midst of our arguing.
Eventually I just stopped. We stood there. I counted to 5. I picked up my reins lightly. She obliged, we made progress. Minutes later she was screaming to her trail bound herd mates, and that's about the time I realized I was dealing with Miss Hormonal during her heat cycle. Mares.

This morning
is a very large mug of english breakfast tea topped off with a bit of milk and sugar.

Last night
was a fat little ball of burrata cheese, a farmer's market tomato, crunchy sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and aged balsamic. Dinner.

This night
will be a lot of jewelry-ing.

(despite the fact that this picture makes me appear to be a responsible individual who wears masks as she should while making jewelry, I don't. This is actually my mask for cleaning my apartment. My asthma protests when I vacuum.)

And probably taking this new beast (belonging to my dad/stepmom) for a walk.

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