Monday, January 5, 2009

I need a new torch.

I knew this was going to happen.
As I have been working away on my pieces I've come to realize a few things. Ok, several things. Things like torches, stone setting tools, wire, solder, and liver of sulfur. You know, the things that make the jewelry world go 'round.
I DO have a basic setup right now, clearly. However, I am very, very limited in what I can fabricate. Actually I'm limited in casting to an extent as well...if I want to add stones the piece has to be small/thin enough when I get it back in silver form. My little torch just doesn't create enough heat for larger pieces. I made a pendant over the weekend that just.barely.soldered. And really, it's not that big.

I have a piece of silver that wants to be a cuff bracelet, but there's no way I could ever heat it enough.

There is this list that's growing larger every day, things I thought I could live without (for now) but it turns out I can't. Things that I'm quickly running out of because I assumed I had more supplies left over. So far, we have: leather mallet, solder pick (HOW am I surviving without this?!), liver of sulfur, bunches of pliers (round and flat and reverse and...), wire wire wire - both square AND round, copper, bezel wire, earring thing (this is a new find), stone setting tools (pushers and whatnot...the burnisher is not cutting it, unfortunately), more silver sheet, dremel bits for drilling...oi.
Until I buy some of this stuff, I'm sort of stuck. Like no more earrings at this point as I'm out of wire and ear wires. I'm willing to work smaller until I can save up for a big torch, however I'm not willing to stop making earrings and some other simple pieces that are more affordable. I've barely sold 2 pieces and I'm already spending the "materials" money from them. Oops?

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