Monday, January 26, 2009

o o o o

I know, I promised new listings on etsy...over the weekend. And they aren't there.

I've been BUSY. Unfortunately, polishing didn't happen until Saturday evening and it was all a downward spiral from there. HOWEVER! I have since finished a few pieces and they will be posted very, very soon. As in hopefully tonight.

We'll see how my attempts at making more affordable jewelry go. I've entered the world of stacking rings (yum), and my pendants are finally making their debut.

Keep an eye out for tiny rings, thin beachy cuffs, jaded pendants and more!

Also, I do have to say I am quite grateful to my family for being my first customers. I've sold a total of 3 rings & a pair of earrings. My boyfriend's mom bought a bracelet and has requested a ring. I'm also being commissioned for another cast ring and a bracelet. Pretty good deal! It's been a great way to start out my first month...hopefully February will bring outside sales!

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