Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wonderfully creepy

Sometimes I come across sellers on etsy that just blow my mind.

I don't know that the intentions of these pieces are macabre...but when you're cutting up pieces of barbie and putting them on display you have to admit it's a little creepy, right? It's slightly Norman Bates. A bit Silence of the Lambs. But at the same time it's colorful and it's...Barbie. (My critiquing talents have been dormant for a very long time, excuse my lack of eloquence).

This, of course, is not meant in a negative fashion at all. I'm just blown away. And creeped out. And I like it.


Sara Mathewson said...

i loved the name---Re-Memboring Barbie. hehehehe. it looks like something that you dreamed up in your college days. By the way, i love your new stuff. I love the seaweed pendant and the Kona cuff and the oyster pendant and the blue felted bead pendant... i love most of it! Love the Red Fly ring too. But I keep hearing Jeff Goldblum in his tiny fly voice saying "help me" love dragonflies though. Are you having fun? That i the most important thing. Well for you selling them may come in a close second. When I get some extra cash I will be buying some of thee pieces if they are still available.

Take care,
love ya,

jessi sawyer said...

I did cast a barbie hand in high school...and still have it. I just don't know what to do with it!

If they aren't available you know I can always make more!