Saturday, August 8, 2009

it's almost like having a real weekend...

I have pieces going in the polisher and homemade strawberry ice cream ( milk?) going in the ice cream maker. It's very simple...milk, strawberries, honey. And a pinch of salt since salt makes everything better.

From this morning-

This was my "awesome, I just rode 2 tests in a row and my face is red and sweaty and you're taking my picture. awesome." face at the show today:

I had improvements the 2nd test but it still didn't feel great.
I'm ok with that, though, because Cholula was energetic and excited and forward. After struggling with that so much last year I'm thrilled those days are behind us.
More pictures to come later after I go through my camera!

Other than that I'm mostly just sitting around and reading/watching food network. I watch food network a lot. I hate cooking. I do, however, like eating.

I have a pretty low key jewelry list to complete today, and it's more of a "if I feel like it list." So far I don't feel like it. So far I just feel like putting my feet up...I'll just consider it practice for my vacation in a week.

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