Thursday, October 8, 2009

and the frenzy begins...

Let me tell you something: I have known about this fall open house since April. It's always been in the back of my takes me awhile to build up any sort of inventory so I figured it was never too early to start.

And now we're at 2 1/2 weeks?!!

I just got my flyer in the mail. With my name on it next to all the others. It's gonna be big.


(psst, I'll let you in on a little secret: I work better under pressure. Procrastination is my biggest vice.)

I'm making:

bunches of lil pops poppies (posts, pendants, rings! - possibly the beginning of made to order in the shop? note to self: MAKE AN EXTRA PAIR TO SASS YOURSELF UP!
bunches of earrings of all shapes and sizes (a girl can always use another pair of earrings, I've found...)
Rings! Finishing cast rings, simply set stone rings, varieties of stacking rings, lots and lots of rings)
Pendants/Necklaces! --While I usually don't make chains until a pendant is purchased, I pretty much have to for this show. SO...I believe I'm going to experiment a bit with adjustable chains. I haven't really decided how I'll do this because most of my clasps are handmade and I don't really want to make a 3" chain out of jump rings for each one (I won't have any wire left by the time I'm done!! Maybe a chain that could be worn at 16" OR 18" but not anything in between? Hmm.)

This may be a touch ambitious of me...but I am determined to be a MACHINE until October 23rd. I have around 30 pieces on the list to finish in that time period...oi!

Oh, and then I have a trunk show on November 7th! Dear etsy, I love you, but you may have to take a back seat for just a wee bit longer. :o


Chris O'Byrne said...

Awesome post.

Now get busy!!

jessi sawyer said...

I'm being productive!