Saturday, October 17, 2009

Neeewww Work!

I've been busy. Yes.

Took a few photos of the latest finished pieces. My light was going fast so I didn't get very many in, but hopefully I'll get them all photographed and listed tomorrow.

The shop closes from the 23-25 for an open house I've been invited to attend with my jewelry. Exciting!

All served up, sushi-style:

from L to R:
lil pops poppy necklace, rhodochrosite necklace, agate bracelet, lumplings rings/pops posts/rustic poppy ring, j is for jasper JOHNS ring.

J is for Jasper Johns:

Lil pops poppy necklace:
lumplings rings:
(tender lumplings EV-ERY-WHERE.)

rhodo necklace:
(le stone is dyed. I do not usually use dyed stones but it was so PINK and I know of lots of pink loving girls who do not mind!)

Rustic poppy ring:

This is just the stuff I had finished at the time...there are several more stones to set and several more projects on the soldering board to finish before Friday!

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