Monday, December 28, 2009

Mid-Holiday ramblings.

I hope everyone is having a


holiday season.

It's Monday, and I'm starting to think that the job of a teacher is looking mighty nice right now. If teaching was my job, I wouldn't have to think about work for a whole 'nother week.

I suppose that even more appealing is the job title 'self-employed art kid'. "Artist" still sounds pretentious. Hmm. Maybe someday? Maybe please?

My custom orders are winding down. Two will be finished this evening. The rest can take a little longer. Exhale.

Rex comes to visit on Wednesday and aside from all of the STUFF I have to finish before then, I can't wait! A quiet New Years Eve is sounding more and more appealing....I think going on lockdown in the apartment with a bottle or 2 of champagne is probably the way to go this year. I hope it snows buckets (it's not supposed to snow at all).

So, with the holidays and the boyfriend visit and such, I'm going on a bit of a jewelry "holiday." I have plenty of designs in the works, I just need a small break to recharge. the end of January, I head south to the Sonoran Desert! The visit's main purpose is to visit my mom, but I've strategically planned it around the Tucson Gem Show...anyone else going?? Tips, tricks? I'm making a list of "must have" stones, which so far only has:

-raw diamonds (cubic, please!)

There are so many wonderful stone cutters on the internet that have a plethora of GREAT cabs, so the rest of my list is going to take a little more effort. I want to pick up things I haven't seen a lot of online/at the lapidary in town, and of course always be on the lookout for lovely patterns in any kind of stone.

I go through different phases with my stone buying. Right now I've got a thing for Owyhee. I've always got a thing for chalcedony, and I'd especially like to get my hands on some holly blue agate. Agua Nueva too. And I'd like to buy some "bulk" cabs to have on hand for made to order items...sigh. It's a good thing I'm not bringing my credit card.

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