Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some custom work

I was holding out on this one until it was received, and I just got word that he loves it so it's safe to post pictures!

This was a custom order requested by some friends for another friend. They fell in love with the stone, I sent them some sketches, and the winner ended up being the very last one I had done. I realized I hadn't drawn anything with the stone set horizontally and it's shape could lend very well to a design like that. So, I hashed something out as an after thought and it ended up being their favorite!

And next we have the Sisu Bracelet. It is such a treat when I get to create a piece for a fellow artist (or in this case, his mom). Other than the few guidelines (bracelet + stamping) I was able to just create...lovely!

sterling with garnet & a wee 3mm citrine

I looove it! I love making bracelets...they are by far my favorite item to create. I'm going to try and make more for the shop. Also, I'm completely enamored with my TINY TINY letter stamps. How did I live so long without them?

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