Thursday, December 17, 2009

The story of Sera'...

Being the crazy horse person that I am, I belong to various horse communities and forums online. Because, you know, going to the barn every day sometimes just isn't quite enough..

In one of these communities a girl about my age (we'll call her J) began posting the story of Sera', a beautiful white mare who was completely blind, slow to trust, and left to neglect. J saw past the mud and dreadlocks and blindness and took Sera' home.

I followed their story, touched to my very core. It was a fairytale to be sure. Slowly, with time and love and care, Sera' came out of her shell. The bond they had was something every little girl (and adult girl, for that matter) dreams to have with their horse. Sera' came to life in the care of J. She learned to trust, to see, to gallop.

Sadly, J lost Sera' very suddenly in 2008. The mare was galloping in her paddock, miscalculated the boundaries, and ran into the side of the barn, breaking her neck. Even now I tear up writing this, and I've only met her through pictures and words. Losing an animal is never easy, but when there is a relationship this strong you lose a piece of yourself.

When I began making jewelry, J asked if there was a way I could memorialize Sera' in a necklace. I came up with a few designs, but I wasn't completely happy with any of them. I finally made the horseshoe necklaces - which really only came about because J planted the worm in my brain several months ago! I still couldn't think of a proper way to include a halo to memorialize Sera', so I stamped her name on a separate piece of silver, cut it into an oval or a 'halo', and placed her name above the rest, as she is surely watching down on J and her equine crew as I write this.

So there you have the brief story of Sera', and how the horseshoe necklaces came about. I'm sending J's off to her today!!

(And thank you to J for letting me write about her and use some of her photos!)


windy_withers said...

*sniff....*sniff... She's definitely felt everyday, epecially with people like you who saw it more than a crazy girl with a broken horse. Her magic still burns bright to those who hold onto her wings, which now I'll be able to remind myself to do by seeing your piece everyday! Thank You!

Chris O'Byrne said...

Jessi, this is a beautiful post. Thank you.

Sara Mathewson said...

Reminds me of Indy and Bailey. I think of them often, and how Steph had to make that decision twice at such young ages. Thanks for sharing this with us:) I'm tearing up right now, I'm sure that is where you get it from!

Love You, Mom

The Noisy Plume: said...

That be some white horse!!!