Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still breathing.

So, 2 Thanksgiving dinners and 2.5 rounds of leftovers later, I've made it to the other side. Sadly the other side involves terrible Christmas music playing over and over and over for the next 24 days. It's not that I completely hate Christmas music, but I do hate that they try playing it around the clock BEFORE Thanksgiving (one holiday at a time, please!) and I hate that it's all that's played all of the time and certain people insist on having it on all of the time I don't even feel ready for it after a year has passed.

But I'm not bitter, I promise.

I wish I had new things to show you, but my holiday was spent in Texas and I haven't made new things in awhile.

The rest of this week and likely all of next week will be spent tackling the pile of custom orders I have. Must stop buying stones as they are too much of a distraction! All I want to do is play with them and make new things!
I do have one project on my board that's 99% done, so when it hits that 100% mark I'll post pictures.

Oh, and just in case you think I hate Christmas, people who hate Christmas do not spend time doing this:


Chris O'Byrne said...

I love the photograph!!

jessi sawyer said...

She was pretty excited about it to, let me tell you.

Andrea said...

What did you do to poor Cho's mane?

And I can believe you made a Christmas bucking strap!

But you and Steph look good! Or maybe happy.

jessi sawyer said...

ha - it was supposed to be where her girth goes but it kept slipping back. One of these days you're going to come out and Izzy will be Christmas-fied!