Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seedling Necklace

I was recently given a handful of opal doublets. I tend to be drawn to boulder opals, Mexican fire opals in matrix, pink and blue peruvian general I'm not a huge fan of the flash and fire.

In general.

Originally I drew this as a ring, but as I was putting it together it seemed for fitting as a necklace. And I love wee little necklaces.

The opal is 8x10, to give you an idea for size. It's a luminous pool of watery blues and greens and looks like a drop of the Caribbean!

The chain is wire-wrapped with 4 moonstone beads up by the clasp.

I will be listing it in the shop later this evening.
Until then, I have custom orders to work on. And barn smell to wash off (barn smell is not equal to horse smell. Believe me, there is a huge difference when you've spent 3 hours in a dirty barn cleaning stalls vs. playing with ponies).

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