Thursday, November 4, 2010

Custom crazy.

I finished up a custom order last night, which I will share pictures of later.

I have so many more. I finally wrote down my list because things were getting forgotten and then this little panic would settle in my brain going "you have something to maaaake...yes you doooo."
The total right now is something like 5 earrings, 4 rings, and 7 necklaces. Something like that. Many of those are for Christmas, so it's not a huge rush and I have plenty of time. But...I hate having a list staring back at me, so I'm on mission finish custom orders. I'll feel guilty working on anything else until they are complete!

In other news, I just discovered some of my photos may not actually be gone with the dead hard drive. YAY. YAYAYAYAY. YEAH.

In other other news, I'm eagerly anticipating this necklace's arrival:

It was my birthday/day of the dead present to myself. LOVE.

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