Monday, November 8, 2010

Some thoughts.

1. I have an interview! I have an interview!

2. I am really bad at keeping exciting things to myself. When I find a really good present for someone it takes all of my willpower to not tell them what I got them and how exciting it is.

3. I loathe daylight savings time. Extra hour of sleep? Oh, don't mind if I wake up at 7:30 (formerly known as 6:30) on Sunday morning. Stupid.

4. I would LOVE to spend this wonderfully beautiful and nice day galloping beastmare around the fields, but because of #3 it will likely be too dark to do that by the time I get off of work.


6. Really excited about applying to some galleries and boutiques to show my work!

7. OMG! I have a bunch of photos to show you of all of my new stuff. Well, all of it sold on Saturday save for one necklace. This means a TWO POST blog day. Whew. I better save my energy.

8. Is silver going to keep going up? Should I just place my order now? :(

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