Monday, November 8, 2010

Hammering & Melting

So, jewelry. Jewelry lately has involved making a hellofalotta earrings. Much to my excitement, this is because a lot of them are selling. After the open house my selection was looking a little slim, so I sat down and made a few more pairs for the home show I did on Saturday. I threw in a ring (I can't resist, I love them too much!) and a few necklaces as well.

So, here they are! The remaining necklace will eventually make its way over to the shop.

rustic poppy necklace (yeah, I've made this before, it's true):

with rustic poppy earrings:

My mother purchased both of these things. She also has a rustic poppy ring with a carnelian in the center. She's quite pleased with her set!

I wasn't done melting/almost melting (reticulation!) stuff after these were made, but I didn't want to remake another item. I wanted to go into something with no expectations of how it would turn out. I wanted it crinkled and worn and as organic as I could make something. I have a feeling I'm not done here, but this is what I made:


(that was the only photo I managed to capture where the citrine was showing off it's golden hue.)

And then we moved onto these earrings. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing a game called "how many variations of these can we make?" I have a feeling I'm no where near finished with said game.

And then I played a slightly different version of said game, but this time in a lulas/sticks kind of way:

Sticks & Stones


Lastly, we have the sole remainder of the bunch.

I've been dreaming up all sorts of things. Charm necklaces and I go way back. I wish I still had my first one, because it was fantastic.

I'm constructing these in such a way that you can add/remove charms at your will, and I hope to offer charms separately and options to build your own necklace from scratch. The chains are made a bit differently so the charms can fit over the jump ring at the end. I'm really happy with how this turned out, and that each charm is entirely handmade.

I need to retake these photos, as my light wasn't great at the time of my attempts. Daylight savings time is throwing one hell of a wrench in photographing my work and it seems it's time to reserve that process for weekends only, when I have spots of time in the middle of the day.

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