Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few more

Before I leave for beautiful humid sticky sweet New Orleans tomorrow morning.

These, again, will not be posted to etsy. I feel that my work is improving LEAPS and BOUNDS and I'm a bit saddened that I am unable to pop these on there.

However, it just means that when I return and the open house is said and done my shop will be that much BETTER.

Sterling & Jade (the stone is not so's a very nice green). This reminds me of a sea creature, or something. I was told it was "totemic."

Dainty little pearl. I looove this shiny thing. I also made it in a size that doesn't fit me...for a reason.

Blue Goldstone & Sterling. Everytime I make something with blue goldstone it seems to give the overall piece a spacey feel. Space pods. Area 51 earrings. I'm not even so interested in such things, but that's what I see.

1 comment:

Chris O'Byrne said...

You're right, your work IS improving by leaps and bounds. It shows.