Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday went something like this:
Put CF card from digital camera in sister's computer, upload photos.

Take CF card out, put in camera, take some more photos.

Put CF card back in computer...when trying to access the message "Not formatted, would you like to format?" pops up. When I click NO, it ends there. I can't access anything.

I have over 800 photos on this card. New York, New Orleans, jewelry, the horses...

Slightly panicked. Very panicked.

In other news, new stuff listed in the shop...hopefully I can plump it back up (but even more hopeful sell some stuff!)

Afternoon Tea Ring, size 5.25

Cyan Sunday, turquoise with handmade sterling square chain.

And a few others...


Chris O'Byrne said...

You still haven't backed that card up???

Missy told me today that she loves your jewelry. :)

jessi sawyer said...

I just got it in November and it had 700 pictures left on it...



Fix it, computer master!

Tell her thank you for me!