Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Picture time!

All of my stuff has been in various stages of incompletion due to the fact that I'm saving them for the open house.


I finished a necklace and polished up some other little guys, so here they are!

Earrings made with my square chain:

Twiggy ring:

"Digging for Gold"
Sterling, Chinese turquoise, 14k gold nugget

I am loathing pricing now. That is all.


susie said...

I love your blog. I am a beginning metalsmith - freaking out over the cost of silver and buying stones uncontrollably - I can so relate. Good luck to you, off to check out your store.

jessi sawyer said...

Thank you! The shop isn't very plump right now as I haven't posted anything new and won't until the week of the 26th.

Have fun with the metalsmithing...it can be so frustrating but it's always a wonderful feeling when you get something to work just as you imagined!