Friday, April 10, 2009

Must have more inventory.

You just have to laugh at how things work out, sometimes.

The week before last I made a trip to see the jeweler who has invited me to show my work at his open house.
"Make lots of stuff!" echoed in my mind after leaving. I returned and stuck myself in the garage for several hours. I had plans. Big ones. I would have at least 50 items, several of the new ones big (some in size, all in TIME). Sales were fairly non-existant, save for a few little items every once and awhile. I was actually feeling a bit thankful for this since I knew that having a lot of stuff for the open house was the most important.

And then a pair of earrings sold.
Followed by another.
And a bracelet.
And a custom order.
2 pendants.
A ring.
Another ring.


Another person interested in a pair of earrings. My shop plumped up at a whopping 34 items (it certainly felt like a lot more than what was in there) and has fizzled into 29...28 by the time I leave for my trip?

I'm not complaining, mind you. It is wonderful that my shop is picking up. That as more people hear and see, the more sales I have. While I long for a following like some of these shops have, where their adoring fans wait on pins and needles to see their new creations and sweep them up as fast as they're listed, I'm quite content with how things are going right now. And I'll have another little show at a friend's house in the summer!

I have several "big" (again, some size but most of all TIME) items patiently waiting to receive patinas and a long roll in the tumbler. Stones to set. Things to start. I've made the tough decision of NOT listing any of these items in the shop until after the open house. I want to have a nice selection for the people there, and if everything keeps selling faster than I can keep up with that won't happen!

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