Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little is better than nothing?

My silver is disappearing before my very eyes. Most of what I've been using is left over from college...and now I'm in such a frenzy of makingmakingmaking that I have enough for one big stone and one smaller stone.


BIG sigh.
This, of course, is terrible timing. I'm trying to make as much stuff as possible for the open house. I can't make anything if I don't have metal, though. At least I have SOME pieces?

The solution, of course, is to buy some more. However, gotta sell some more before I can make any hefty purchases. Any purchases, period, actually.
I was working on my various pieces last night (this weekend will boast 2 big turquoise necklaces, 1 cute lil pair of post earrings - my first!, and 2 rings I'm smitten with) and became quite discouraged when I realized I may have not used tall enough bezel wire for one of the ring's stones. It has a higher dome than I'm used to worked with, and while the bezel is most perfectly sized for the stone and it sat in it's little throne QUITE lovely-like before I started messing with the won't stop rocking now. Grr. Grr.

I'll be honest, I have the least amount of patience when it comes to stone setting. If it goes smoothly (which it NEVER EVER DOES FOR ME) then I'm fine. If it takes me longer than 10 minutes I get annoyed and start ruining things.
The ring in question is on the right. The left ring is spoken for. I keep calling it "my little carnie ring." I talk to my jewelry.

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