Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not yet.

I think it's kind of funny how I need a certain mental energy to blog. Lately I just haven't had it...all of my energy is being poured into jewelry design.

(Speaking of, my wonderful slice of watermelon tourmaline arrived yesterday. It is stunning and I'm feeling not worthy. I'm actually a little panicked because I can't come up with an interesting design that compliments but doesn't overwhelm it. Bright it may be, but it's still delicate.)

So, a few things.

To give myself a little more creative direction/feed my little artist soul I'm giving myself an assignment. I haven't quite hashed out the details, but I am going to design a piece every day based on something that happened that day, or something in my surroundings. The piece can be very loosely based on this inspiration or quite literally based. It's kind of like the drawing a day that this woman did and exhibited at St. Ben's. I will make them all, eventually, but obviously I can't finish many of my designs in a day.

If I complete a design and am totally and completely happy with it, I'll do another.

We will see where this goes.

I also need to make brooches, yo. I keep lusting over all of these felty fabric yummy ones on etsy so I think it's time to play with metal.

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