Monday, March 23, 2009

of windmills and ponies

This weekend was a field trip to get lost on the backroads of southeastern Minnesota.

By get lost I mean we pulled out the GPS to find the town I used to live in the long way. It brought us to some seldom-traveled gravel roads and places we wouldn't have found otherwise. It also got no service for pieces of our little drive which made things more interesting (but we still managed to not get very lost).

Going through a 4-cornered little town with a farm store on one, gas station across, and a church kiddy-corner to that I said "wouldn't it be neat if we found the windmills?"

As we came up over a hill I ate my words. There we were, driving straight to them. They stretched on for miles and miles.

After awhile I found a little gravel road, turned my car onto it, and stuck us right in the middle of two giant fields, full of the power-gathering machines. The last picture perhaps illustrates just how many of them there were (and how they went on for so long that we couldn't even see the last ones)...but even that picture does not do it justice.

At night I can see their red lights flashing in unison when I'm driving home from the barn. So, so beautiful.

Before our drive we went to the barn which makes me happy and peaceful and content. My sister rode our mare, Cholula. Doesn't she look GOOD? There will be lots of hill work in the near future to develop that butt.
I also made a pendant last night, but I have no pictures as the stone isn't set/the silver not polished. That will be happening tonight. + polishing a barn friend's lovely necklace (I made my first clasp for a standard chain, I'm so happy to have everything possible be HAND MADE) + making & polishing Megan's earrings. I have a lot of stuff to be making oh my oh my.


Chris O'Byrne said...

What if your sister does not want to do a lot of hill work? And should you really be talking about her bottom that way. Cholula looks good, too.

jessi sawyer said...

If she doesn't want to that's why they make whips. Obviously!

Chris O'Byrne said...