Monday, March 16, 2009

next life = dragon!!

My lovely sister modeled my jewelry for me - all of my earrings and pendants can now be seen on a real person! Well, soon. As soon as I upload them and whatnot.
Speaking of taking photos of your earrings for sale in someones GASP EARS...I really do not see what the big deal is. It wasn't until I browsed etsy and read things like "made to order! Don't worry, your earrings will never be worn by anyone else!" that I was even made aware that this is an issue to people.
Are we really that germaphobic? Really? I mean, of course I will clean them off before they go to their new home. I assume other sellers do as well. Even if they don't? Alcohol is an amazing's like miracle working. It kills stuff. Clean them yourself once they arrive if you're that paranoid.

The title refers to this (oh please let this link work) excerpt from Ant Farm.

(search for "karma" and start reading at page 104)
I was talking about my karma to Megan: "Karma needs to do something nice to me soon. I keep dedicating all of this good energy from my yoga practice to others, why can't a girl get a break?"

And that's when she sent me that link.
The karma comment stemmed from the fact that my sales have been non-existant. This makes me sad. I am sure I need to do all of this social networking stuff, advertise, get out there more, etc. Or maybe I need to rack up more karma points?

I wonder what others' secrets are. I see metalsmiths who have hundreds, even thousands of sales. Perhaps my work just isn't to the point where it stands out enough? Do I need more consistency in my design and style? Is it the stupid economy and my poor business-starting timing? Should I take more risks? Should I have more "basic" pieces I can make over and over? (Have I mentioned I hate making things over and over but am trying to suck it up and do it anyway because I know it's important to my business?)

I'm not sure what the answer is. Some days I wish etsy and the internetz was easy and people would see my jewelry, fall in love, and buy stuff. The end!
PS isn't picture retaking going well? I think so.

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