Monday, March 9, 2009

ring things.

I was so unbelievably productive this weekend. I have 12 new pieces and spent a million hours working on them. It was exhausting.

My biggest frustration lately isn't even my torch. It is rings. And getting their ends to touch for soldering. I feel like I'm jewelry stupid because I can't imagine it should be THIS difficult. It literally took me over a half hour the other day of carefully filing and checking, discovering they still aren't touching, more filing and checking, etc before I had them close enough.

I asked some friendly metalsmiths on etsy and got some tips. And was told it may get easier after I make a few...hundred.

So that's my latest project. Rings. A lot of them.

I've order a rawhide mallet to assist in my ring-making journey, as well as a 3rd hand and some chain. I bet people would like to wear their pendants immediately. So I bought some chain to do that. And now I need to make clasps. The list is never-ending.

NEED like NOW:
wood blocks
c clamps
block with V cut out of it for sawing.
a saw for wood (just a little hand held guy) if we don't have one

I also NEED to find my battery charger for my camera so I can take pictures of the pretties.

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