Monday, March 30, 2009

oh the things you can think

I will officially be showcasing my jewelry at an open house in April. This is a big deal. There will be lots of people.

And a total of 14? hours. 14 hours for people to mull and touch and buy.

I think sleep is going to take a backseat for the next few weeks, as this show is at the end of April. I need inventory!I just spent $60 (that I don't really have) purchasing chain for all of my pendants. Tonight I go on a hunt for square wood rods (ooo a pretty necklace is in store, yes it is). I need more sheet silver. Badly. I'm down to my last bit, 2 more backings for pendants or rings and I'm done. One more foot of square 18g wire. My other wire is slowly dwindling too. That is really no good. But...unless I make some more sales I cannot fund my little jewelry-making biz. Slooowly but surely.

Also, my mom is my biggest fan. She is buying her first pair of earrings from me and I hope she loves them.

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