Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pay day!

I'm a little magpie, yes I am.
When I was little and my parents made the mistake of taking me to a bead store, I'd spend their hard-earned money on every little charm and bead I could get my hands on. I had quite the collection at one point in time, but it's been lost over the various moves in past years.
My first jewelry class, in high school, took a field trip to a local jewelry store that sold jewelry supplies. They had drawers of cabochons, each one with different little surprises. Carved amethyst, stones with no names, beautiful slabs of bruneau canyon jasper. Such a treat it was, finding this store I likely would have never stepped foot in otherwise. I bought as many stones as I could that day with the cash I had (likely $40, still a fair bit for what I was buying) and returned later with my mom (who had more money, of course) to buy others.

Basically I bought so many stones that I am STILL trying to find uses for all of them. I'm down to the last few and ones that even though pretty I probably wouldn't have bought today. One unknown doesn't have a flat bottom, rather it's arched. I still haven't figured out what to do with it. Another is a lovely jade green with some solid white marbling in it...but mostly at the bottom which would be covered by a bezel. A few blue goldstone which enamored me then but not as much now, and one last blue tiger's eye.

Right now I am lusting after coin pearls that are not drilled for bezel-setting and slices of watermelon tourmaline. As well as the lovely multicolored turquoise I've recently received in the mail and some beaauuuutiful square cushion-cut cabs of carnelian and labradorite.
So now the question of the day is...do I splurge and buy these at 10 for $48?

Or do I go for THIS (same amount of money for 1)?

And, someday when I have lots of money, I will buy these:

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