Friday, March 6, 2009

oh it's friiiiday.

Yesterday I was musing (or rather being quite annoyed with myself) about how I always manage to forget something when I'm going out the door.

See, yesterday I sent my waxes to the casting place. As I was writing an email to the person that I have been corresponding with at the casting place, specifically this sentence - "I'm still not sure what type of mold will be best for -" I realized that there was nothing to mold in the box I had just sent out. All 20 waxes were in there...the 3 silver rings were not. Sigh. So I hit the delete button a bunch of times and instead wrote, "Please disregard the invoice which says the box contains 3 silver rings. It does not. Those will be sent out tomorrow."

I was determined to have a better day after that and not forget anything else. I was quite pleased with myself when I remembered the bags of my jewelry stuff along with my notebook. When I got to my "studio" ala plastic table in my dad's garage, however, I was overwhelmed.

Everything was a disaster. I have no organizational system at all and that's become a problem with the more supplies and tools I collect. After some damage control I got to work....and quickly realized I forgot my saw. And my ring mandrel. And my dowels. These 3 things were kind of key to making nearly everything on my list. At least I had...sand paper?

So...I only managed to make 2 things, sadly, but tonight I will make more! I enjoyed it because I was able to play with my new copper wire as well as my earring jig that I purchased from another etsian. I'm becoming quite enamored with copper, despite it's skin color-changing abilities and being a "cheap" metal. It's so pretty!

These are DONE (aside from polishing)
1. Irregular circles Copper Pendant (um, thanks to my mother I was singing the few words I knew of "The Circle Game" over and over and over while making this)
2. Irregular circles copper earrings with SS hand-forged (ooo my first try) ear wires
3. Blue paua shell drop pendant

These are on the Schedule (over the next few days)
1. blue paua earrings
2. lula earrings
3. polka dot earrings to match polka dot bracelet
4. lil lulas
5. Megan's custom earrings! (I will be doing these first, actually)
6. piles and piles of stacking rings
7. and then starts the pendants list...

We'll see how quickly I get sick of making earrings.

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