Thursday, March 19, 2009

oooo lists.

I love making lists. I love planning out how much I'm going to get done, what order it will be done in, and crossing items off and feeling accomplished. I love lists even when they sit around unfinished. I love lists even though they don't really help my productivity level at all.

So here is my THURSDAY list because there's been a lot of brainstorming lately.

Things to make:

Herbs & Spices series (not just pretty colors, but chunks of leaves and stuff too)
Fabric series (bezel-set pillows, tulle, etc)
Felted series (needle felt stuff to be set in bezels or used as beads)

(I am missing mixed media)

Also, I have an addiction to buying cabochons. It's gotten pretty bad. I now have a total of 10 turquoise cabs to set (2 are on the way). I just bought a 10mm square cushion-cut carnelian, and a 12mm labrodorite of the same cut. As I was dozing off yesterday the ring design for the labrodorite was perfected and I needed it. My bank account is telling me otherwise.

I am now lusting after pearls (particularly coin pearls) that are not drilled for bezel-setting fun. I want to make everything with pearls. Maybe next paycheck.

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