Wednesday, May 6, 2009

bal ance?

I have been a little slack in updating this thing, but truthfully there hasn't been a whole lot to update about.

Now I can tell you these things: SHOP UPDATE, likely TOMORROW with 3 shiny rings that were once wax and now blind you in silver, 1 repurposed pendant (it used to be a bracelet link but it had higher aspirations), and 1 pair of copper O-O-Os earrings.

[sidenote: you know you work in the medical field when you feel like aspiration can't mean anything but DISGUSTING and you consider removing it from the previous sentence].

I've also "rough finished" a chunky turquoise ring & a pendant that screams summer. Rough finished means they need to be pickled, sanded a bit more, and tossed in the tumbler. I just made it up. Hopefully this means another shop update over the weekend!

And, the last exciting note is that I think I've figured out what kind of torch I'm going to upgrade to. If I'm REALLY lucky I may be able to buy a flex shaft at the same time. I really need to gather the tools that will make my life easier and that will help greatly in keeping my work at the level I try to hold it to.


Part of me has been so excited/had a sense of complete urgency to make jewelry. I come up with designs all day long and can't complete more than a fraction of them and it's frustrating. I'm still trying to figure out this balance thing. Truthfully, I know I'm trying to fit too much into a day. Full time job, check. Ride my horse, maybe. Go to the gym, giant fail as of late. Make jewelry, usually check. I also work at the barn for one or more shifts Sun-Tues-Thurs-Sat. That's more than half of the days of the week.

No wonder I'm exhausted all of the time.

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