Thursday, May 28, 2009

the sun is coming out to-day

Which is perfect timing for my 2 new necklaces...

(here is a little preview)
(the pictures are really awful because I took them at 11pm under my daylight bulb)
(it is important that the sun is coming out today so I can take proper pictures)

"Sunny Side UP" (I told you it was a preview)
Mexican Fire Opal & Sterling

(Ok, you can see the whole picture of this one)
"little wonder still wanders amongst the sky, looking down at all the people who live and die. and when one stops to mourn their grief, she whispers: 'i survived to see the sun, please look around and see the things we have done.'" -grievance (Per chance you ever come across this blog, I am sorry I do not know more of your name, but I think in the spirit of B that is ok. -lw)

I seem to have custom orders in a steady stream, one at a time. I like this.

I am mighty sad after last night's fiasco. It wasn't really a fiasco. I was setting a stone for a new pair of earrings that I ADORE, by the way, and one of the little silver pebbles informed me it was not actually soldered.


I suppose I need to give it a little credit, as it passed all of my solder tests. Pliers, pickle, and even the tumbler. It held out until the very end. Good thing I found out though...I would be horrified to know I sent something into another's hands like that. Oi oi. Also good because I wasn't DONE setting the stone so I think I was able to salvage the bezel. This is what happens, by the way, when you stubbornly use one kind of solder through all 4 or however many solder steps you have. Yes, I solder in stages, and yes, 95% of the time I always use hard solder. I don't know's just what I've done since the beginning of time, pretty much. Apparently the little pebble came UN-soldered when I soldered on the ear wire. I'll fix it tonight and throw it in with the next batch.

And I will probably keep soldering the way I do because that is how I do it. I will just have to up the anty on the solder tests.

Feeling much renewed on the pony front after a solid ride last night. We're working it out. We're getting there.


Fashionably Adorned said...

Love the new necklaces and your horse is so pretty.... I've always loved horses and wanted one sooooo badly when I was a girl, but with a single parent income it just wasn't in the cards.. although my mom did lease a horse for me "star" when I turned 12! To date that birthday is still the best I've ever had.. she did this whole scavenger hunt for the clues to my present.. was AWESOME!!! and my bestfriend rode and showed her 2horses.. so I got to ride and be around the whole horse scene when I was in my early teens, But my daughter absolutly loves them also and I wish we could have some.. I have never really out grown them either, my secret dream! so I love to hear about your horse adventures .. include more please!!
sorry for rambling, :)

jessi sawyer said...

Thank you! Don't worry about it, I could ramble about my horses all day long. I'm hoping to get some new pictures this weekend (as long as it doesn't rain again) to accompany future posts about them :)